Angels Bakery

Angels Bakery is a family bakery business established in 2004 to provide Africans & Caribbeans in diaspora fresh, quality and home taste traditional bread at an affordable price.

Following frequent requests, we are working on our ability to provide more great food into further corners of the UK through the use of fresh food deliveries and for those closer to home, an online click and an online collect service so guests can secure their prize in advance. We are taking careful effort to get this right and ensure staff are trained adequately so we kindly request your patience.

Founded in 2004 at Plumstead High Street, Greenwich London. Angels Bakery has seen a large growth and has been recognized by Market ranks among the best of small bakeries industry and amongst African food providers. We currently operate four branches in London and continue to thrive in providing to satisfy with an enviable sense of continuity across branches in the UK. Alongside this we also have a network of distributors across London helping us to spread our reach to those most keen on our offerings.

Fresh Food

We offer our freshly made bread, meat pies and beef rolls

Famous Suya Spot

A high quality beef, grilled and garnished with our specially formulated Suya spice mix

Nostalgic Dishes

We also produce a variety of delicious meals with and variety of sides for those who want the convenient taste of familiarity.