Our Menu

We offer our freshly made bread, meat pies and beef rolls, hot food, and are known as a famous “Suya Spot” a high quality beef, grilled and garnished with our specially formulated Suya spice mix. We also produce a variety of popular prepared nostalgic dishes such as Puff puff and Akara, for those who want the convenient taste of familiarity.


Angel Bread                                  ..2.00

Ewa Aganyin                                 ..6.00

Moin moin (leaf)                             ..2.50

Moin moin (plastic)                        ..1.30

Beef Suya                                      ..7.00

Asun                                               ..7.00

Chicken Suya                                 ..4.00

Turkey Suya                                   ..5.00

Chicken Wings                               ..2.00

Turkey Gizzards                              ..2.00

Fish                                                 ..2.50

Beef                                                 ..1.50

Meat Pie                                          ..2.00

Fish Pie                                            ..2.00

Chicken Pie                                      ..2.00

Scotch Egg                                      ..1.80

Large Peanuts                                 ..6.00

Small Peanuts                                 ..3.00


Jollof Rice                                     ..6.00

White Rice                                    ..3.00

with red stew                                 ..1.20

Asaro                                             ..5.00


Red Stew portion                          ..3.60

Ayamase (small)                           ..3.50

Ayamase (large)                            ..7.00

Meat, Fish & Sides

Chicken Wings                              ..1.50

Fish                                                ..3.50

Beef                                               ..1.50

Diced Meat                                     ..2.10

Gizzard                                           ..2.00

Ponmo                                           ..1.50

Plantain                                          ..1.50

Dundun                                           ..1.50

(These prices are exclusive to in-store purchases. Please shop with us directly for the best value.)